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My Daily Life Snippets : 

I was heading out somewhere & had to change trains at a particular train station where I saw this old Indian couple totally lost and standing there not knowing where they had to head to. So I approached them & asked them if they needed any help and the uncle asked me the way to go to one particular train. I guided them and they thanked me so much for helping them find their way. I was feeling really happy that I could offer some help to them and it kind of made my day.

So I am planning to include small snippets of my life in my post everyday and now lets get down to business.

How many times have you felt elated when you have found some interesting budget buys? I too recently had this feeling when I stumbled upon interesting stuff for really cheap prices in Cotton On, Singapore. Cotton on has a variety of apparels both for Men & Women at a decent price.Cotton On also has sportswear & inexpensive shoes & sunglasses. I recently stumbled into their store just to see if I could find some budget buys & did manage to find some great pieces.

I really enjoy shopping alone because it gives me the time to go through each & everything at a leisurely pace & this was one such occasion. I really gazed through every single product on sale & scrutinized them to find these budget beauties.Shopping with my husband is of course interesting, because sometimes he helps me find some awesome pieces really quickly, but that does not give me the satisfaction of having browsed through an array of articles.

So let us see what are the things that I bought :

Cotton On Singapore Haul post
Cotton On Singapore Haul 

All Time Ethnic Favorites - in Collaboration with Ishtyleawhile - Video Alert

I am an ardent fan of Ethnic Accessories & feel they make me look better than any other Western outfit or accessories. It is completely agreed by Krupa too and so we happen to be the Best of Buddies. Krupa was here in Singapore a month ago & we made some Youtube Videos of which one went up on her channel already. If you have not seen that, do not forget to see the video and the link will be given in the description box of this video.

So in this video, Krupa & I have discussed about what are the Ethnic Products that we often reach for & cannot live without. Do watch the video fully and leave your comments so that we can improve our videos next time.

I would like to announce that I am planning to make an 
and would love to hear questions from you people & would be really happy to answer them. 

Featuring the perfect Knitted Asymmetrical Top - My first Zara Purchase

Winter dressing is kind of fun because you get to go bold with your makeup since the outfit is mostly monochrome & typically dark colored , unlike summers where your outfits do most of the talking.Singapore is kind of warm throughout the year like Chennai , so I do not get to experiment with winter clothing much. But however the month of December was pretty good with rains everyday & the weather was pleasant, which gave me an opportunity to experiment a little with my clothing & hence I got an awesome asymmetrical top from Zara.The advantage of living in a country like Singapore is that, we get to celebrate various festivals one after the other & the Sale Season too keeps coming more frequently.

The Sale started with Diwali, then Christmas, followed by New Year & now Chinese New Year and what stops you when there is a Sale at H&M, Zara & so on ?

I have never purchased anything from Zara till now,  because in India there were options like Lifestyle (which is like a one stop shop for me), and I have never felt the need to go to Zara.


Starting my first blog happened so quickly - I was not bothered about the appearance of the blog, the pictures and I regret that I was such an amateur. Now that I have taken up blogging so seriously, launching my new blog was so difficult because I was not getting enough time to dote on the new one.
The domain was blocked & purchased a year and a half before but it has come to life just today(22/1/2016).Finally my new blog with its very first post is up and I take pride in introducing it to you :

It is TRAVEL BY YOURSELF : Click here 

Why was TravelByYourself born ?

I started Crazyforcosmetics only as a beauty blog and slowly I started incorporating all lifestyle topics including travel and it was kind of misleading from the blog's name. So my husband & I decided to have a separate blog for travel and he would actively involve himself in the new blog. 
Crazyforcosmetics would continue as a beauty & fashion blog and the travel posts would be slowly migrated to TravelbyYourself.

Featuring my New Charles & Keith Addition

I get so excited when something new comes into my collection and cannot wait to flaunt it as early as possible. My husband gifted me a handbag recently from the brand Charles & Keith and it was a great purchase because we got it during the sale season. 

The bag is in white color with golden detailing near the strap which compliments the white so well. It is a bit difficult to maintain white colored handbags , but it is really worth the efforts. Whenever your white handbag gets dirty, just use a wet tissue & wipe off the stain.

Charles & Keith handbags sale
Charles & Keith handbags sale

Simple Morning & Evening Look using Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I had a great weekend celebrating Pongal and meeting some friends over lunch. I usually do not even check my mails on weekends, because I hardly touch my laptop and I end up with a lot of unread emails & comments on the blog. 

I got the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette from my neighbor & just wanted to try out simple looks using it. The shades are really pretty but the pigmentation is not that great even though I used them on top of their much raved primer potion.

I created 2 simple looks - one for the morning and one for the evening. For the morning look , I used all matte eye shadows & used a purple eye pencil instead of black to keep it mild.

For the evening look, I added a little bit of shimmer eye shadow, a black liner and also some illuminating pearl foundation to add some glow to my skin.I changed my lipstick shade and added some gloss on top.
I also changed my earrings for the looks and kindly excuse me for the difference in lighting because the sun was playing hide & seek with me.

Morning Look using matte shades form Urban Decay Naked 3: 

urban decay naked 3 palette EOTD
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette EOTD

Inglot AMC Pressed Powder Shade 51 Review

Not everyday do you have the time to do a full fledged makeup before u go out.  On some days, your face powder could be your savior because it just takes 2 mins to dab some powder to look fresh & you can head out. So it is highly important that you have a good face powder that can hide some basic flaws & give you a fresh look for a few hours before reapplying. I was using Rimmel London's stay matte powder which was my holy grail product but once it got over, I bought the Inglot's AMC Pressed Powder in the shade 51.

I have been using this for about 2 months now and here I have the review of the Inglot Face Powder :

Inglot Freedom System AMC pressed powder shade 51 review
Inglot Freedom System AMC pressed powder shade 51

Enhance your blog with better pictures using The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Which is the toughest part when it comes to blogging ? So many of you would have so many answers for this question but according to me, it is photography. Finding the right prop for product photography, perfect lighting, perfect background and trying to have some unique pictures clicked is Phew.. so tough. I know many of you out there would be trying to do hi fi with me now !!

I did not even have a camera of my own when I started blogging and I was using my father in law's Samsung camera. When we were moving out of India, I really did need a good camera and that is how my NIKON D3300 come into my life. Well, I am not an expert with the DSLR's , but since I anyway wanted a camera, we thought it would be wise to invest in a DSLR rather than a point & shoot one.

But , not at all times, I feel comfortable to take my camera along & click pictures because it surely does attract the attention of others. I prefer quietly clicking pictures or doing vlogs with my mobile. That is when I received this mail from Asus India that they want to give me one of their latest releases- Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for my blog photography. I was kind of shell shocked when I received that email and it took some time for it to sink into me.

Asus Zenfone2 Laser Mobile Review
Asus Zenfone2 Laser Mobile in shade Red

Budget Vs Splurge - Who Won ? MAC Prolong Wear Vs Faces Long Wear

Wondering what am I talking about in the title ? I am going to be discussing about a budget beauty & an expensive buy here and they are The MAC Pro Long Wear Eye Liner in Definedly Black and the Faces Canada Long Wear Eye pencil in Black. 

The price difference between the two is huge but we are now going to find out how the end results are with both the liners.

P.S : MAC was not on my wishlist but it just happened because of the 50 SGD voucher that I got which I have mentioned here.

best affordable black eyeliner in India
Comparison of MAC Prolong wear Vs Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils

Aroma Essentials Charcoal Mask Review

Continuing the association with Aroma Essentials natural skincare products, I have this Charcoal mask review for you. As you might have read that I am currently obsessed with Charcoal based masks & I have reviewed the Innisfree one here. Aroma Essentials needs no introduction and the products have been doing wonders for many of them in India. The products are now being shipped to abroad as well which is good news. The packaging has been improvised slightly and I am quite impressed with the new packaging which is more sturdy than the old one.

Moving on to the Charcoal Mask review :

The Aroma Essentials Charcoal mask comes in a white plastic tub packaging which is quite sturdy and compact.The mask is named Black Magic but it should ideally be grey magic, since the color of the mask is dark grey.The mask smells strongly of mint & clay and I somehow like the smell since it is chemical free. The quantity is not mentioned on the tub but the date of making & cost is mentioned. 

charcoal face mask India
Aroma Essentials charcoal face mask India

My Realistic Resolutions for 2016

I know I am late here but better late than never - here is CRAZYFORCOSMETICs wishing everyone one of you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2016. I understand every other blog would have this post up but I wanted to make it a little interesting by having my Resolutions up on the blog and also have follow up posts to check on my progress.

My Resolutions for 2016 :

new year resolution
New Year Resolutions

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