What I wore for my Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot Chennai
Outfit from Pantaloons

Pre Wedding Shoot was something that we did not have and I have always wanted a casual couple's shoot. I always looked forward to having a maternity shoot and it was a dream come true for me. We did our maternity shoot with Nevervoid Photography and the shoot took place in ECR, Chennai with the beautiful beach and a beach house as the backdrop.

Our photographer allowed us to change 3 outfits, however, we decided on 2 outfits because it can get quite tiring when you are 31 weeks pregnant you see.

Innovative Bouquets for your loved ones - Floral Garage Singapore Review

Vegetable Bouquet in Singapore
Delightful vegetable Bouquet from FloralGarageSG

I am someone who puts in a lot of thoughts and efforts into getting gifts for the people around me. I consider their likings, things that they would need, things on their wishlist, things that would be useful to them and so on.
So what would we gift someone whom you do not know at a personal level and not really sure if they would appreciate the gift you give them? - A Bouquet.
Yes, bouquets are just the perfect and sophisticated gift that you could give someone.

When I was approached by Floral Garage - A Singapore based 2-year-old florists who offer innovative bouquets such as vegetable and fruit bouquets, I instantly chose to work with them and review their product & service.

Things I wish I could Tell my Pregnant Self - Part 2

After the response, I received for the first post (click here to read), I am here with the part 2 of Things I wish I could tell my Pregnant Self.Of course, you can also say that I am learning new things each and every day and I could come up with more such posts. To be honest, being a mom is really tiring with a clingy 4 months old(yes, the reality has just hit me), but at the end of the day when you recollect all the lovely smiles, the hugs, and the little coos, you tend to forget everything.

I am assuming that my baby is going through the most dreaded 4 months sleep regression/ growth spurt/ developmental milestone all together and praying every day that this too shall pass. She wants to be held by me all the time, fed all the time and has also developed stranger anxiety and separation anxiety so early. So I literally hang out with her 24* 7 excepting the bathroom breaks.I am hoping that this is just a phase and will get better. Thanks to babywearing that I can at least step out of my house for a while to get some fresh air else being restricted inside 4 walls with a clingy baby is extremely exhausting and overwhelming.

Loreal Paris False Lash Superstar 2 in 1 Mascara with Primer

Loreal Paris False Lash Superstar 2 in 1 Mascara with Primer
Loreal Paris False Lash Superstar 2 in 1 Mascara with Primer

Being a new mum, I do not get time for any self-grooming although my baby is such a calm and less demanding baby. I have other work to be done when she is down for her naps and hence I don't get time for any makeup. So in the time that I get, the only thing that I do is take a quick shower and put on some kajal and mascara which makes me feel good about myself. I discovered this great mascara from Loreal Paris that gives our lashes such a makeover in a jiffy.

Things I wish I could tell my Pregnant Self

Being a first-time mom is kind of scary I would say because your expectations versus reality do not match in any way and you seem to be losing a battle against your baby.When you have your second child you know what to expect and take things more lightly. This post is not to scare some new moms out there but just a fun post for those expecting their first baby.

1 : Sleep as much as you can:

I know this can sound a bit cliched but it is true to a great extent. During pregnancy, you would feel so sleepy but due to so many reasons, you would not be able to sleep. Post pregnancy you hardly get any time to sleep with night feedings, diaper changes etc. In the daytime, you would have other work like taking a bath, eating and your other house chores while the baby is sleeping or you get to use your phone :)

The Most Stunning Flowers of Singapore

Say hello to the florist that put the biggest smile on my face – A Better Florist!These guys, the bloom crew, handcrafts the blooms that made me smile instantly. Which is what flowers are all about right? Let’s cut the chit-chat and get right into why these guys are the best florist you’ll encounter in Singapore
First of all, the very first sight of their website instilled certain happiness in me. These bouquets aren’t similar to anything I’ve seen before, as they were so thoughtfully designed and put-together.

Life Update and the reason for being away from my blog

I know it has been ages since I even took out my laptop and the reason for that is the arrival of my baby girl. Yes, she has been keeping me busy and I literally had to dust my laptop today and here I am sitting in darkness, while she is sleeping next to me to type this blog post.
My little bundle of joy arrived on 18 th March 2017 and we have named her Anokhi. She is doing fine and has started sleeping through the night which is great. I plan to share my birth story in a separate post when I get time. Pregnancy as well as Motherhood has been treating me well and I am so thankful for that.

I have the support of my family and hence I am able to manage things well and I am thankful for them as well. I am not sure if I would share her photos so soon on the blog or social media and I have not really decided on that as of now. 

I also plan to start a new section on the blog for Parenting / Motherhood for all the parents/ mothers out there. Being a first time mom is not easy and I have been quite paranoid for everything and wish to overcome that fear soon. 
As for my beauty blog is concerned, I would write as and when I have time and Bye Bye for now.

Loreal Paris Color Riche Lip Liner Couture in the shade Berry Blush Review, Swatch

Loreal Paris Lip Liner India
Loreal Paris Lip Liner India

We at times do not realise the importance of certain objects till we really come across certain situations, where we cannot function without them. A lip liner is one such thing whose benefits I realised only after becoming a makeup artist. While applying makeup for clients and that too when it has to be long staying, a lip liner pencil plays a very important role. It acts as a good base and prevents the lipstick from bleeding and it defines the lips really nicely.

Coffee, Spa and a Conversation - tete a tete with Jesper Hougaard,ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness

Jesper Hougaard,ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness
Conversation with Jesper Hougaard, ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness
It still feels like a dream that I just had a conversation with a person who runs several spas spread across several countries but still appears so down to earth. Although I was supposed to interview him about his newest addition of spa in Singapore Changi Airport, we had lots more to talk about and I had lots to learn from him. We discussed topics right from Indian Politics to travel to everything under the sun and it was a great pleasure to interact with him.

About Mr.Jesper Hougaard: (From

Jesper Hougaard is the Executive Director of Heaven on Earth Wellness. A Danish national, Hougaard completed his education in Denmark before beginning a career in the aviation industry. He worked in scheduled airlines, private charters, international aircraft trading and aircraft maintenance and Maldivian Air Taxi, which is the world's largest seaplane operator with 24 aircraft today. After a brief stint in the 5-star resort environment, he founded Serena Spa Pvt Ltd. Today, Serena Spa operates 7 spas in Maldives, 9 in India and also in Seychelles. Additionally, he is the board member of ISPA (International Spa Association) headquartered in the United States, and committee member, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Wellness Providers, a unit of Quality Council of India.

The Pros and Cons of Shaving

Shaving is by far the most used hair removal method in the world, but is it really deserving of its ubiquity? We’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of shaving and find out whether it should be so widely used or if there’s a better alternative.

 Let’s start with the negatives: 

1. Razor Burn: One of the main problems with shaving (either on the face or the body) is that people with sensitive skin often end up with razor burn. If you don’t use the correct combination of moisturisers or your technique is a little off, you’re likely to suffer.

 2. Ingrown hair: Another thing a lot of people face with shaving, though to be honest this also happens with wax and also with an epilator , is ingrown hairs. This is where the hair that is trying to grow back will get caught on the edge of the skin and will end up curling and continuing to grow underneath the skin instead of up and out like it should. Ingrown hairs can be painful and unsightly, not to mention irritating! 

3. Short term results: Shaving slices the hairs at the surface of the skin so that they can't be seen and the skin will be smooth. The difference between this and other methods is that other methods will often pluck the hair from the root meaning that there is a much longer time between getting rid of the hair and the hair resurfacing again. This is because the hair will have to start from scratch and grow all the way up to the skin surface before you see it again. With shaving, it is already at the surface of the skin so only has to grow a little before you’ll see it and will be forced to shave again. 

Okay so with the bad parts of shaving out of the way, let's take a look at why it's such a loved hair removal method: 

1. Quick and easy: It's easily the fastest and most convenient way of removing hair. You simply put some shaving gel on the area you want to shave and run the blade across your skin a few times. Voila! The hair is gone… for now. There is a very small learning curve to be mastered with shaving and once you understand how it works you’ll be ready to shave anywhere. 

2. Cheap Shaving is cheap, let's face it. A razor costs nothing and shaving gel lasts a pretty long time for the cost too. The only problem with this is that you have to buy replacement blades fairly often. Thank god they’re so cheap else the cost will add up over time. 

3. Painless: Finally, and this is probably the most important reason for a lot of people, is that shaving is painless. Unless you cut yourself while doing it, you’re not going to feel as much pain as waxing or laser hair removal. 

So in conclusion I think the main reason people opt for shaving is that it is the cheapest, fastest, and least painful of all the hair removal methods. Even though it needs to be done way more frequently it is still the choice of the majority of the population, unless of course, you can afford permanent laser hair removal treatment!

This is a guest post by Jackie at A Smooth Life. A great resource for guides, tutorials, and advice about different hair removal methods and products.

Sephora The Mascara - Volume, Length & Definition - Review

Sephora The Mascara - Volume, Length & Definition
Sephora The Mascara - Volume, Length & Definition

The happiest thing about makeup shopping is having to replace your mascara every 6 months and trying out new ones. I go in for cheaper ones always because I know that I am not going to use it for more than 6 months and hence reserve my budget for other products. This time I tried Sephora's Mascara which I bought during their Black Friday Sale.

Eating Healthy with ASaladCompany

ASaladCompany Vegetarian Food
ASaladCompany Vegetarian Food

I am enjoying a good break in Chennai at my mum's house and I would say there are a few things that I do miss about Singapore at this point. The comfortable walking pathways, the no honking smooth traffic and definitely healthier eating options. My locality in Chennai has numerous eating outlets but when it comes to healthier and cleaner options, I really wonder if I can count even 1. Of course, I do give in to temptations but sometimes when I really look for healthier options, I don't really find anything. 

Singaporeans are so health conscious and they constantly strive to eat a healthy meal & go for regular jogs. Healthy eating options would consist of stir fried veggies, soups, salads and wraps. Salads would not be boring and they would give you the opportunity to choose the ingredients which can range from raw veggies to even quinoa. 

Thanks to my friend Sreevarshini who came up with such an initiative in Chennai for those looking out for healthy lunch and brunch options. There are places which serve salads in Chennai too but when you have a twist to the old salad who does not want to welcome that?

Have a look at her FB page here & website here:

Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Mat Lipstick - Shade 301 Poppy Orange

Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Mat Lipstick - Shade 301 Poppy Orange
Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Mat Lipstick - Shade 301 Poppy Orange

Bright lipsticks can just instantly freshen up any dull looking face and no one can ever deny this fact. I am a huge of bright lipstick shades be it reds or pinks and I feel they suit me much better than nudes or browns. I am currently on the hunt for bright fuschia lipsticks but I am unable to zero on the perfect shade so please do drop in suggestions if you have. Orange is one of the best shades that suits me and I am totally cool about rocking an orange lipstick. One of my recent found love is this bright coral orangish shade from Makeup For Ever which I spotted at Changi Airport at the duty-free shop.

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