The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Beach Vacation and an OOTD

Summers are the best time to hit the beach and relax yourself in the sand by gazing at the shimmering water or by reading a book by the beach side.

I am listening to 'Summer of 69' while I write this article. Though I am scared of the tan that I would get , I enjoy summers because that's when you can flaunt your colorful sunglasses, umbrellas, hats & your floral dresses.


Packing for a beach vacation
Colors of the Sea

Things you need to pack for a Beach vacation - My version :

1 : Sunscreen with a high SPF protection

2 : Sunglasses

3 : Beach Towel

4 : Hat

5 : Umbrella

6 : Flip Flops

7 : Insect repellent cream

8 : Swimwear - because you never know when you will get tempted to get into the water. Goggles too !!

9 : Pair of shorts

10 : Loose fit T-shirts

11 : Allergy tablets

12 : A beach ball

13 : Some books for reading

14 : Wet-to-Go Wet Bags to carry all your wet clothes

15 : Moisturizer

16 : First Aid kit

17 : Colorful Sarong

18 : Long maxi dresses

19 : A pouch to keep you mobile safely while you hit the waters.

20 : Hand sanitizer

Apart from all this carry some essential tablets and enough water to stay hydrated. Go with minimal accessories since you might not be able to store them when you go for a swim.

MY OOTD when I went out to the Beach :

beach vacation planning tips
My outfit when I went to the beach

beach vacation packing list
My full outfit when I went to the beach

planning a beach vacation
Different shades of blue

beach vacation in india
Printed pants & plain sequined top

beach vacation outfits
beach vacation outfit

beach vacation clothes
Close up of my outfit

beach vacation clothes packing list
Summer Vacation Trip Outfit

beach vacation clothing essentials
How to style yourself for a beach trip

Outfit Details :


Pants : CODE, LIFESTYLE (Worn here)

Bag : Hongkong Street Shopping (read here)

Sunglasses : WESTSIDE

Earrings : From a shop called SIX in Lousanne, Switzerland

Hat : From Paris (read here)
hats for summer
ME wearing a hat 

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