My Pico Laser Session after IDS Skincare - Consultation, Treatment and Skincare Update

I need a big pat on my back for adhering to a proper skincare routine for the last 3 months and I have definitely seen the benefits of not changing the brand frequently. I had a follow up visit in the second week of February in order to observe the improvement in my skin and to complete the required treatment. 

Every time I visit, I am blown away by the professionalism and the operational efficiency of IDS. I dread clinic or salon visits considering the fact that there would be a lot of queue, but however there is hardly any waiting time at IDS for which I am extremely thankful. 

My Second Visit to IDS Skincare - Cryo Therapeutic Treatment at IDS Aesthetics Centre

If you had read regarding my first experience at IDS Skincare here, you would have known the various products that I received from them and my first impressions on them. I have been diligently using their products and I genuinely feel that they are working well for my skin slowly but steadily. The progress is gradual and not swift which is quite convincing.

On my second visit to IDS Skincare, I was asked to assigned to consult Dr.Ben as Dr.Michelle was away from clinic, who checked on my skin again to see the progress and he suggested the Cryo therapeutics treatment which will help hydrate my skin and will reduce the occurrence of acne. After the consultation, I was led to the treatment room and given a cupboard to store my belongings.

                IDS Skincare

How to tame dry, frizzy hair and scary split ends at a go?

Nothing can bother as much as a bad hair day when you want to look at your best. Frizz and rough split ends can not only badly impact a stylish hair style but also challenge the charm of your over all attire too.

Good hair styles demand healthy hair strands which can be easily managed and are as smooth and shiny as mulberry silk threads. You can turn your hair health from worst to best in just a couple of weeks.

Definitely, the secret is hidden in nature but the combination of selective ingredients and easy reach is provided by the organic store Deyga.

Deyga organics Hair Serum

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