Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner Review

It is really important to condition your hair after every hair wash with a good conditioner that suits your hair needs - Golden Rule for soft, manageable hair.
Irrespective of the shampoo that you use, if you desire shiny, soft and tangle free hair, it is mandatory to use a good conditioner following your shampoo.

I had stopped using chemical free hair care products and was using 100 % natural shampoo and conditioner, but it was just not working for me and it made my hair all the more dry. I was really apprehensive about switching to other brands and with great fear, I picked up the Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner which I have been using now for about 2 months regularly and I have my review here.

About Loreal Paris Smooth Conditioner :

L’OrĂ©al Paris presents this ‘Smooth Intense 48H’ smoothing conditioner, which is an ultimate hair care solution for dry and unmanageable hair. Enriched with the goodness of silk protein, the conditioner deeply nourishes and softens your hair. Further, the strong anti-frizz smoothening action of the conditioner offers long-lasting humidity protection to your hair. 

Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner
Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner

Essence Quattro Eye shadow Quad Must Have Review and Swatches - Neutrals are always Inevitable

Due to the presence of high cheek bones and extra flesh on the cheeks, my normally big eyes appear small in pictures when I smile. Hence I choose to use products in  that can make my eyes appear bigger by either using a light eye shadow shade in the inner tear duct area or using a white eyeliner in the lower lash line. For normal everyday use I cant go in for super dramatic eye makeup, but only opt for neutral shades that would enhance my eyes and at the same time not look overboard. 

I received the Essence Quattro Eye Shadow Quad in the shade Must Have which is basically an everyday wear neutral shades that would go well with the Indian skin tone.

Essence Quattro Eye shadow quad in Must have
Essence Quattro Eye shadow quad in Must have

Faces Glam on Volume Perfect Mascara In Black Review

If one comes to me and asks for a suggestion for simple makeup products for everyday use that could instantly make you look great - I would suggest a good long staying lipstick and a mascara. I was under the opinion that I have naturally thick, long lashes which actually do not need any attention and I was busy concentrating on my eyeliner, lipstick etc. I was ultimately wrong and whenever I applied mascara it would instantly make my eyes appear bigger and more beautiful which made me realize my mistake.

Moving on to the best type of mascara that we should buy , I would suggest to go for customized ones according to your needs. Since I naturally have curled lashes, I like to choose a mascara that would add volume to my lashes or sometimes a lengthening plus voluminizing one for parties/outings.I always prefer non- waterproof since it saves my lashes from falling during makeup removal.

Those of you who have longer, straight lashes can opt for curling ones or curl your lashes using a lash curler and then coat them with mascara.

Faces Glam on Mascara in Black
Faces Glam on Mascara in Black 

Zuush Nail Polish Remover Review

Applying nail polish can be so interesting, but removing them can be a night mare especially with glittery or graffiti nail coats.I usually use my Lakme nail polish remover in a cotton pad and keep rubbing my nails till the nail coat gets completely removed.I recently spotted this nail remover in a Health & Glow outlet & immediately picked it up to try it out.

I bought the Zuush nail polish remover pads that are ready to use and are so travel friendly. 

Acetone free nail polish remover wipes
acetone free nail polish removal wipes

All Good Scents Perfume Evoke Review - For the Femme Fatale

An average day starts with fresh aroma of coffee, agarbathis and flowers in my life. These are the All Good Scents that I get to sniff in the mornings. Coming to the topic, this is the very first time you are going to read a review of a perfume on the blog, though I have lots n lots of perfumes with me.Everything needs a beginning and I will be doing more perfume reviews from now on. I was sent this beautiful perfume for review by All Good Scents which is a company that has ventured into Indian market providing a wide range of perfumes at very affordable prices.

all good scents evoke review
All Good Scents Evoke review

Summer Outfit LookBook and Ideas

Apart from the scorching sun that totally drains during summer, everything else is nice & bright about it. Summers are when ripe yellow mangoes and the fragrant jasmine flowers are found everywhere adding some sort of a vibrancy to the day.I love dressing up in bright shades in summers and I have here some tips and ideas for you in collaboration with Krupa from ishtyleawhile. She loves to sport all kinds of outfits and she is a great poser(My Guru too).

Tips for Summer Outfits :

1 : Go for bright colored outfits.

summer outfits for ladies
Bright green shirt from AND
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