NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Cobalt & Milk Review

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Cobalt & Milk Review
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Cobalt & Milk 

I love visiting Sephora every now and then just to geta whiff of their beautiful perfume collections. I also would check out new makeup releases from the Sephora counter and my most favorite NYX counter because I just feel their quality is too good and their price is also affordable. Maybelline, Revlon and Loreal are pretty expensive here in Singapore and I have not bought a single product from these brands after I came here and I really miss them. I picked up a few products from NYX for my makeup class, although they were not part of their new release. I have the famous Jumbo Pencils in the shades Cobalt and Milk for review today 

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask Review

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask Review
Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask 

I am getting crazily busy these days with makeup classes every single day due to which I hardly get time to sit and blog. I have not gone makeup shopping in a while too and I feel kind of sad because of that. You get motivated when you have something new to try on and review on the blog. I am planning to go for some shopping real soon just to feel good and get motivated. I use a sunscreen when I head out in the morning to class, but when I return, I remove my makeup and sunscreen because we try out new looks every day and we remove it at the end of the class. I already have enough products to carry and hence do not take my sunscreen. I just finish my class and head home because I am already hungry and have no time for BB cream or sunscreen. Due to this negligence, I have got badly tanned and have been trying out various masks since the last 2 weeks.

Today I have a mask from the most affordable Freeman Range and it is their Pomegranate Peel Off Variant.

Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask Review

Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask Review
Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask 

Not always do we have the time to go for a facial to keep our skin supple and fresh. So on those days when you need a quick facial or a refreshing clean up before heading out, sheet masks are the way to go.  Sheet masks are also a craze right now in the market because it is so easy to use and requires no washing or scrubbing.  The sheet masks are great for hydrating your skin when it is really dry and the skin feels really soft & supple post usage.

I have tried sheet masks from various brands , which include a lot of Korean brands,  and their effect would last just a day or sometimes just for hours. 
Among all the brands that I have tried, I have really loved the Sephora sheet masks whose effects are instantly visible. Today, I have 2 masks from their range for review and they are the Avocado & Pearl.

Aroma Essentials Arnica Flax Hair Serum Review

Aroma Essentials Arnica Flax Hair Serum Review
Aroma Essentials Arnica Flax Hair Serum Review

How many of you just rush out of the house with wet hair on days you do not have time to dry your hair? I used to do that most of the time earlier which resulted in severe sinusitis and then I decided that I would dry my hair well before I step out. I sometimes fear to step out in the sun after I have washed my hair that it would be damaged from the sun exposure. I have tried several serums in the past which made my hair really flat and I had to wash my hair every other day which was a tough task. Madhurima from Aroma Essentials sent me this lovely hair serum that would protect my hair from sun damage which is really amazing because I live in a tropical place.

How To Transform Your Ethnic Wear In a New Way

Every type of dress has its own beauty and speciality, say it western wear or Indian ethnic wear.These are not just two words but define the whole custom of the western and eastern world respectively in their unique way. Talking about Indian ethnic wear types, there is more type of dresses to explore. Whether it is your traditional saree, online salwar suits, Indo-western dresses, every type of ethnic wear has seen a lot of evolution which make them perfect for every season and generation.

Thorough Cleansing After Makeup Session - Video Alert

Makeup removal is as important as the technique of applying makeup because even a small leftover product on your face can cause breakouts. So every night, ensure that you completely remove the makeup without being lazy to make sure you do not get any acne breakouts.There are several makeup removal products available in the market but I have my own routine including several cleansers, makeup removers, and wipes.It is also important to use a toner and a moisturizer at the end  to make your skin soft and supple. The night is when the entire body rejuvenates and it is really important to use a good night cream so that your skin can revive itself.

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes 28 color eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes 28 color eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches
BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes 28 color eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

Indian way of applying makeup and Asian way of applying makeup is way too different from what I expected it to be. They prefer neutral colors and mostly matte shades that just slightly accentuate their eyes while we prefer brighter colors and gold hues to match our traditional outfits. In our class, we practice the makeup techniques taught on each one of us in a rotation and when I got to work with Asian friends, I realized that all my shimmery palettes were a little too bright for them. So I had to invest in a good, matte palette that would have most of the neutral colors and also other shades , just in case I need to add some colors to the outer corner etc. While I was browsing online, I saw a lot of high-end brands offering matte palettes that were pretty good but at the same time expensive. I was looking at a medium budget palette which would serve the purpose and at the same time would not burn a hole in my pocket.

A Triangular Makeup Sponge or a Beauty Blender?

Beauty Blender Dupe in Singapore
Beauty Blender Dupe Vs Normal Triangular Sponge

I always was a supporter of a Buffing Foundation brush until I discovered how useful a sponge can be when it comes to blending of foundation/concealer/color correctors & other cream based products. A buffing brush is useful for liquid foundations and works like magic with them by giving a flawless airbrushed effect. Sponges, on the other hand,  are not good for liquid foundations because they absorb a lot of the product which leads to product wastage and hence we go for synthetic bristled brushes.

However when it comes to flawless, even, full coverage, and long lasting foundation, it is better to go for cream based ones which require a sponge for blending it uniformly.  For cream products, we wet the sponge, blot the excess water and then use it to blend the products. 

Kryolan Color Wheel Concealer Circle (Neutralizer)- How important is a color corrector for professional Makeup Artists?

Kryolan Color Wheel Concealer Circle (Neutralizer)
Kryolan Color Wheel Concealer Circle (Neutralizer)

Makeup classes are getting all the more interesting and there is so much to learn both theoretically and practically. YouTube videos only give you an insight but while you practice, you realize that you are making so many mistakes and the same thing goes to classes as well. When a demo is shown, everything looks so simple but when we are given time to practice those techniques, the next step does not even come to my mind and you have to keep the time in mind as well. 

My First Day at School

She just got up hurriedly from the bed and ran to check the time just to realize it was 4 am in the morning and the alarm did not ring yet. She went back to bed with her heart still beating fast and thought to herself, " I still have 3 hours to sleep and 5 hours to get ready and go to school." This girl is none other than me and yes it was my first day at school. 
I know, each one of you out there is wondering what I am talking about and pondering if you should even read my blog from now on. Well, girls please do not close the browser and go anywhere and I shall break the suspense right now.

Shop the latest Sephora Vouchers and Earn Cashback with Shopback

Online Shopping is getting better day by day with websites providing better, wider varieties, cheaper shipping rates, and cash back. Our shopping experience is being taken to the next level with such interesting features available in online shopping and today we are going to discuss Shopback which is a cashback website for only Singaporean online shoppers.

Being a lifestyle blogger, I am constantly looking for fresh outfit ideas and new products that can be reviewed on the blog.Predominantly,I do my Shopping during the Sale so that I do not end up spending lots of my money.If we are able to save some money by buying online and at the same time also receive a cashback for our purchase, is that not a wise decision everyone should be taking? 

When I was requested by Shopback to check out their website and what it has to offer, I grabbed the opportunity to understand how they work.

Summery Vibes - Time to Go Bright - OOTD

Singapore beauty and fashion blogger
Dressing up Bright for Summer

I know this post is quite late for those friends in India where some of them are experiencing monsoons and some, light showers but nevertheless, for Singapore, it is still summer. I love bright colors and sport them quite often especially shades like bright yellow and orange. You all know that I am a jewelry addict and had recently purchased some classic pieces from my favorite brand Lovisa and you can read about that here.Long Story Short - I had been eyeing a statement necklace for a long time and finally I bought it during the sale season but did not know how to style it since it was quite a chunky / funky one. You have to be very careful while styling a statement necklace as it can make or break an outfit depending on how you are styling it. After going through a lot of pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and not finding the right inspiration, I decided to trust my instincts and searched shops for the matching outfit. 
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