Budget Shopping in Singapore - Vol 1 - Bugis Market

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Bugis Junction Street Shopping Haul

Singapore continues to top the World's Most Expensive City list and that too for expats, it is quite challenging. However, there are a lot of small things that you can do to save your money and still have a really decent life with family dinners, vacations, and even good shopping. Well, if someone really wants me to do a post on how we manage our finances , I really do not mind writing one , but since that is not of concern in this post, I am giving it a miss here.

OOTD on a budget - Ft Forever 21 and H&M

Singapore beauty and fashion blogger
How to style Printed Pants

Are you confused looking at the title and wondering how can she dress on a budget while she is uttering names like Forever 21 & H&M? It is just a preconception that these brands are expensive and that one cannot find a budget beauty in their stores. In fact, even I had one such assumption before I did really step into their stores & found some great stuff on a budget.

Skincare Talks with Singapore Youtuber Roseanne Tang featuring Bioderma

Singapore beauty Blogger Roseanne Tang Skincare session
Me along with Roseanne Tang in the Bioderma Event

Establishing yourself as a blogger does really take a lot of time and efforts and to get some good contacts back in India, it took more than 2 whole years.Once I moved to Singapore , getting to know people & brands here really took a lot of time and I attended the very first event here in Singapore, not as a blogger but as a general audience. I took this opportunity to meet some skincare specialists from Bioderma and a very famous Youtuber here in Singapore- Roseanne Tang.

Do a full face facial at home with Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Scrub
                                               Aroma Essentials Chocolate Scrub

Aroma Essentials Algae Mask India Review
Aroma Essentials Algae Mask India Review
Getting facials done at salons have been a bit difficult since I moved to Singapore because they are quite expensive here , and I prefer our Indian products and Indian style of facials. I do a quick clean up twice every week which includes a cleansing ritual, exfoliation, toning, mask and then a quick facial massage. It helps rejuvenate my skin and gets rids of all the dead cells. I prefer natural ingredients and always swear by kitchen ingredients for a good clear bright skin. I was given few products by Madhurima of Aroma Essentials to be tested and they were Aroma Essentials Chocolate Scrub, Aroma Essentials Algae Mask and so on.

When you find The Perfect Black Lace Top - The Hunt Ends - OOTD

Styling a Black Lace Top
Styling a Black Lace Top

I have been driving my husband and friends crazy trying to find a perfect black lace top because lace tops are my favorites and they are timeless classics. I do not mind buying lace tops in all possible colors because I just love them so much and they make you look so sophisticated. After kind of finding a black lace top and failing in it due to bad fit, I was still on the hunt for the perfect black lace top.My husband had gone to the extent of asking his female colleagues who wore lace tops as to where they had bought it(Such was the desperation & situation at home). 

Bio Essence Bio Treatment Essence in Oil Review

Bio Essence Bio Treatment Essence in Oil
Bio Essence Bio Treatment Essence in Oil

Nearing 30's is quite dreadful and I always look up to my mom and my mother in law who still look young and beautiful in their 50's. It is important to embrace your age while not trying to hide it and at the same time it is important to take good care of yourself at all ages. I have read quite a lot about overnight leave in oil treatment for the face and I wanted to try it. There are several well-known brands which has released this overnight oil treatment for the skin and which has also worked for a lot of people.I wanted to try something off beat and something locally well-known like the brand Bio-Essence which has exclusive skincare products in the Singapore market.

Bangkok Shopping Haul

Siam Paragon Shopping in Bangkok
Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok

I know most of you would have been anticipating this post for quite some time. My husband and I took a quick weekend getaway to Bangkok last month and I did quite a bit of shopping.We visited several temples and also the usual shopping streets like Chatuchak weekend market and other interesting malls.

Bangkok was a very colorful, bright and fun place and it has a lot of interesting shopping finds.I shopped a bit of jewelry, clothes, leather goods for my husband and some Aromatherapy oils and skincare stuff. I hope this video would be useful for those who are planning to visit Bangkok and if at all you have any clarifications, do drop in a mail or comment below so that I can get back to you on your doubts.

Smell Fresh this Summer - Aroma Essentials Body Pomade Review

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade

We hardly talk about perfumes and body mists on this blog, right? The main reason being that perfumes are a personal choice and each one's interest would be different.I was once a peprfume addict but slowly started refraining from using them on a regular basis, due to the health hazards that they could possibly cause when used on the skin directly. I started slowly adopting body mists and that too would use just a little bit on top of the clothes. I recently received a couple of skincare products from the brand Aroma Essentials which had this body pomade in it and I wanted to try it out. 

NYX Eyebrow Pencil EP04 Brown Review

NYX Eyebrow Pencil EP04 Brown Review
NYX Eyebrow Pencil EP04 Brown 
Looking beautiful in person does not guarantee the same in photos too. Lighting can be your friend or foe depending on the type and the direction from which it hits your face. If there is too much of lighting, things such as your naturally thick eyebrows could eventually appear thinner thereby giving an incomplete look. So never attempt posing for your camera ,especially with flash without touching up your brows. 

Rule No 1 for an Instagram-ready pic - Fill your eyebrows well with a good eyebrow pencil. Now talking about Eyebrow pencils, what are the shades that you have to be looking at? I have seen makeup artists use black eyebrow pencil and really wondered how fake can it make a person look on their D-Day. I am not a pro in filling in brows but I do use hem occasionally when I have to attend weddings etc so that it looks complete & fuller. I have been using the NYX Eyebrow pencil for about 6 months now and I am liking it a lot. 

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