Styling a Silver Layered Statement Necklace - Bohemian Way

Some things in life, that you have always wanted and wished for, would just find its way and reach you - My way of explaining the Law of Attraction. One of the online fashion Accessories company had approached me a few weeks back, asking if I would review their product. Initially I was very interested , but later on I found out that there was a big catch as I had to pay for the shipping & delivery charges,  which amounted to a huge sum of money ( upwards of USD 50 ). Though I did not have any issues for paying  and I finally decided to refuse to do it thinking that the product was not really worth that money I was going to pay for the shipping and weight. 

I was just roaming around in a mall recently on the eve of Christmas,  when I saw this huge board saying upto 70 % off in one of my favorite jewelry shops here in Singapore - Lovisa. You can read more about what I have previously bought from Lovisa here.

I found a very similar neck piece that "The Company " had offered me at about just 1/3 rd of the Shipping charges that I had to pay. The original price was about SGD 59 and I got it for SGD 20 and I felt it was totally worth it. There was no looking back and I wanted to grab it immediately along with 2 other earrings which also had great discounts.

So when such a beautiful necklace is in your collection, how long can you wait to style it and flaunt it. There is this beautiful lane in Singapore called Haji Lane , which is rated as one of the best spots for photo shoots. Haji lane is situated in the Arab quarter of the city containing the age old buildings which have been modified to house quirky, quaint coffee shops as well as boutique shops.

I dressed up well, grabbed the camera and my husband and headed there last weekend.So enough of talking and let us get to the Outfit, "The Statement Necklace " and the styling details.

Haji lane was supposed to be really colorful with wall murals and interesting buildings and hence I decided to dress in light colors and I chose white so that it would look great against the colorful background.

The Necklace says : Get to Know me in Detail

silver layered bohemian necklace from lovisa
Silver layered bohemian necklace from Lovisa

Christmas Day - Outfit and Accessories

Year end is always fun because work kind of takes a back seat and it is time for relaxing, partying and enjoying with family and friends. Of course, both my husband and me neither have many friends nor go for any parties, but we do like to spend time by going for a dinner or exploring new places here in Singapore. This year, we are away from our families which is kind of different for us but this is reality and we have to handle it. 

We headed out to The Gardens by the Bay on Christmas, in order to explore the place and enjoy their light show. I have earlier been to the Gardens with my friends and you can read about it here. We reached the Gardens at around 5 pm ,so that we could have a relaxed evening by the river side and click good pictures of the light show. 

We explored The Cloud Forest Dome and then went on to see the light show at 8 45 pm. More details of the Gardens by the Bay would be given in a separate post.

Outfit of the Day Details & Pictures :

Now moving on the outfit I wore , I chose a simple plain red top with a blue jeggings. I added some bling with my accessories and went in for a beautiful red stone earring that I got recently from a sale.

Red Top : iSetan, Kuala Lumpur, read more about my Malaysia Shopping here

Blue Jeggings : Lifestyle, Chennai

White Bag : Charles & Keith, Malaysia - A separate post is coming up

Earrings : Lovisa, Singapore - SGD 4

iSetan Malaysia Shopping
Red top from iSetan, Kuala Lumpur

Retro Round - Love for Polka Dots

After a recent trip to Bali and Malacca in Malaysia(during our KL trip) we have been going crazy about Vintage & Retro stuffs. We have collected quite a lot of home decor stuff too which has a vintage charm to it.That is when it struck to my husband that I could create a retro based look on my blog. 
So what is the first thing that comes to our mind when you think of retro or vintage ? For me it is polka dots and so here are a number of polka dot items that I picked & used to create various retro looks. I took inspiration from the internet especially concentrating on Bollywood looks and here I have recreated some of them. I went on a crazy search for inspirations on Pinterest, Google images & magazines & finally decided on 3 looks that I would come up with.

I then started collecting all the required things like dresses, hair accessories, scarves and retro glasses. Some of them were already there with me but I did not know how to work with them. The internet did help me with ideas on how to style polka dot dresses & accessories.

Look No 1 : The Polka Dot top & plain pants , inspired by Priyanka Chopra's outfit

Retro inspired look
Retro look inspired from Priyanka Chopra

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer in the shade NW 35 Review & EOTD

It was not until lately that I started developing dark circles due to erratic sleep patterns and hence I decided to buy a good concealer which can cover up my dark circles on those days when my face demands it.

A Small Note : Citibank credit cards are just amazing when it comes to their reward points and I have had a great experience with it back in India as well. Here too we are using Citibank Credit Card and I got a MAC 50 SGD voucher recently from my points. Isn't that awesome ? No, this is not a paid post but this is out and out my happy experience with Citi Credit Cards. 

So with the 50 SGD voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I was really eager to go and buy myself some MAC products. I went to the MAC store in Bugis Junction, Singapore and got this awesome MAC Select Cover -up Concealer in the shade NW 35.

MAC select cover-up concealer
MAC select cover-up concealer 

Floral OOTD for Gardens By the Bay

My friend Krupa from ishtyleawhile had been to Singapore few weeks back and we decided for a girls day out, with one of her cousins too joining us. We girls have done a couple of Youtube Videos too which will come up soon on both our channels. 

So we girls decided to head out to some colorful places around in Singapore and click good pictures of ourselves and have a good time together. The first thing we decided to do was to head to Gardens by the Bay and explore the place. This was my first time there too and it was just beautiful. The only problem on that day was that, it was too hot & humid and all my makeup had melted away by the time we girls met up.

Gardens By the Bay : 

Located along a waterfront, the gardens house several domes with various types of flowers & plants from different parts of the world. There are a lot of shows to watch and restaurants to eat too while catching up on the shows.The Singapore flyer and the Marina Bay Sands hotel are the neighboring attractions and we had some breathtaking views of all of them.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Gardens by the Bay Singapore

DIY Spa Night at Home - Video Alert

Spending some quality time at a Spa might cost you lots and so here I have a simple DIY Spa Night Video so that you too can be inspired and relax at the convenience of your home.

I spend some time to take good care of my skin whenever I find time and I just recorded once such routine for you.You must not ignore your skin because it would start showing signs of aging at a faster rate than expected.

The products used are :

1 : Sasa Makeup remover wipes

2 : Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review - Video Alert

I have always wanted to flaunt thick luscious looking hair which I am not blessed with. So here I have my dream come true moment with Irresistible Me Hair extensions. So I have the review of the website and their hair extensions for you.

Their Exchange Policy :

Exchanges and Returns

Exchange and Return Policy 
  • Exchanges and Returns are free for US customers. International customers will have to cover for the shipping fees of their exchange or return.
  • Any balance due to your exchange will be refunded or credited to the credit card submitted with your original order.
  • All products are exchangeable or returnable, with the exception of the products from the HIGHLIGHTS line and HAIR CARE line: please note that the HIGHLIGHTS products are NOT exchangeable or returnable. All sales for those products are final. 
  • Please note that all products that are in the "Sale" section are not exchangeable or returnable. All sales for those products are final. 

      Styling Pleated AKS Kurti for a casual evening outing

      Visuals of My Chennai drowning in water was so haunting. When I kept talking to everyone about it, people were ridiculing me that I am just talking & not taking any action. No one knew I was gathering all information from my facebook posts and passing it on to my friend back in Chennai who had lot of Volunteer friends. Something that I could do sitting here 2900 km away from home was just this. 

      We had earlier booked tickets to a Vijay TV show in Singapore , which was scheduled on Nov 27th but had got postponed to Dec 11 th , due to the Chennai rains. The Channel suddenly announced that the funds collected would go towards rehabilitation of Chennai and I was so happy so that I could contribute something to the relief work. 

      The show that we attended was a program that had all the reality show artists performing live and it was worth every single penny we paid. I wanted to wear something unusual and decided to dress up in one of my recent purchases from I have always wanted something different & loved the Dhoti style pants or Kurtis.

      Interestingly I found this Kurti by the brand called AKS on Jabong and ordered it. This is the first ever time I am ordering a dress online and I was quite apprehensive about the size. I chose XL and to my surprise I found it to be just perfect for me. I am in love with the Kurti and I wore a black legging to match it. I kept the accessories simple with elegant earrings & bracelet from Confusions FA.

      Accessories : Confusion FA
      Eyeshadow : MAC Amberlights
      Lipstick : Inglot shade 103

      Here are the pictures of the OOTD :

      Indo western look with Jabong Kurti
      Styling Indo Western Wear

      Skin18 Masks - Multi Vita Brightening Mask & Green Gram Mask Review

      In continuation with my skincare regimen with Skin18 face masks, I have 2 new mask reviews for you guys today. Face sheet masks are like life savers because you can just wear them even while you are working at home (like how I am trying out the next one for review purpose while I type this).

      Multi Vita Brightening Mask Review :

      Skin18 masks are really great when it comes to a quick facial at home because they are so hassle free and takes very less time to give a clean, soft and glowing face. I tried the Multi Vita Brightening Mask from Skin18 and the mask served as a good moisturizer for my skin. The mask was so easy to use and I left it for about 30 minutes as I would normally do , with reversing sides after 15 minutes.

      Multi Vita Brightening Mask
      Multi Vita Brightening Mask Review

      Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

      Clay has been used in skincare products for a long time, in order to tighten the skin & to get rid of all the impurities. There are a lot of varieties in Clay like Kaolin clay, pink clay and volcanic clay and each one of them have a different purpose. Clay masks make your face oil free and absorb all the impurities leaving your face bright & tight.

      About Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask :

      3-in-1: Removes Sebum + Brightens Skin + Treats Blemishes! Soothing and Moisturizing
      Great absorption of sebum thanks to Jeju volcanic clay!
      Clean Jeju volcanic ingredients, made from hardened lava, deeply cleanse pores to purify your skin.

      1. Amazing absorption of sebum and impurities
      The fine, porous structure of Jeju volcanic clay strongly absorbs sebum inside pores.
      Remove impurities and give your skin a clear and complete look. 

      2. Creates good conditions for skin and makeup
      Our clay mask, containing volcanic scoria from Jeju, absorbs sebum and impurities to create clean skin. It delivers minerals deep inside your skin, brightens and clarifies your skin tone, and creates an ideal texture.

      *Super volcanic clay vs. Original volcanic clay
      - Super volcanic pore clay mask: Great for treating pores!
      - Volcanic pore clay mask (Original): Great for controlling sebum!

      Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
      Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

      Sunny Side Up - Outfit Ideas for Bright Sunny Days

      I have been used to only hot summers predominantly in Chennai & Singapore is quite similar except that I sweat even more here. Experiencing just one weather throughout the year has its own advantages such as eliminating the need for buying different set of clothing for every season & disadvantages such as not being able to experiment with different colors & textures of clothing.

      The compilation of outfits that I have for you are not the ones I wear in Singapore because I would end up sweating like a pig & I always prefer light airy cotton clothes.Nevertheless, in today's article , I am going to be giving you some ideas for a hot, sunny , bright island vacation.These are the outfits I sported during my Bali trip and you can see how I have paired the accessories for each one of them.

      Outfit No 1 : An A line full skirt & a plain black top

      Skirts are again back now with more varied and fun , floral prints. I love floral prints and Bali was one such place, that I did not want to miss flaunting my floral skirt.

      Styling a floral skirt
      Floral skirt with colorful statement necklace

      I am starting a Stay Fit Routine !

      After battling weight issues for years, finally I have decided that I need some sincere steps to reduce my weight and stay fit. Weight gain happens so quickly before you even realize that you are actually putting on weight. Only when people who see you after a long time give you that Oh My God expression , that you realize you are no longer that fit person you were before. Of course, being fit was never in my dictionary since I was a whopping 3.75 kgs when I was born. My grandmother was indeed shocked to see such a big baby for the first time in her lifetime. Website & my experience with their masks

      How important is skincare for woman especially when you are nearing your thirties? I can surely find increase in my dark circles and dark patches on my forehead. I always prefer a simple quick facial at home once in a week to clean up my face and to get rid of dead cells. I use a good exfoliator to clean all the dead cells, then use a face mask to treat my acne scars and pigmentation. I love face sheet masks because they are so easy to work with and removal is just one step, unlike normal masks which has to be washed off.

      I came across such masks during my trip to Hongkong in 2013 and I have been hooked on to them since then. is a Hongkong based website that caters to all your skincare needs ranging from sheet masks to eye treatment to serums etc. provides a one stop shop for all Korean skincare products and contain products from reputed brands such as Tony Moly etc. I got to try some of their sheet masks & I shall be reviewing them in pairs.

      I got to interact with Eugenie, founder of and she did inspire me a lot.  She was kind enough to send me products those that did not contain any animal products since I did not want any products containing Snail serum etc.

      What is a Derma roller & how is the treatment done ?

      Correcting Skin Issues the Dermaroller Way

      When you want to treat skin problems, you have a lot of options. Some of the obvious ones include lasers, intense pulsed light, micro dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Another option that you may not have considered before is micro-needling, or Dermaroller treatment. Dermaroller can certainly treat a lot of skin issues, but before you can compare it to other methods you need to know how it works. Before you can understand that, you have to be aware of what is going on with your skin.

      Why Your Skin Looks and Feels the Way it Does

      There are a number of reasons why skin can develop problems, and there are also a number of skin problems that can develop. For example, you might have wrinkles, but you could also be struggling with acne outbreaks, sun spots, or dry skin, among other things.The main reason why skin problems develop, particularly when you get older, is the natural aging process itself. Hormones, healthy proteins, and other skin-reinforcing components are not produced as much by our older bodies as they are when we are younger. So, it's not surprising if you are noticing skin problems at age 30 or older that you didn't see in your 20s. 


      Sephora is one of my favorite brands when it comes to lipsticks & lipstains. I feel they have an awesome shade range & they are decently priced too. Lipstains have a great staying power and it minimizes the need for reapplication. I love using liquid lipsticks since their color pay off  is very good. I recently grabbed Sephora's Outrageus Rouge Extreme Liquid in the shade no 10 from Sephora in Kuala Lumpur.

      sephora outrageous rouge extreme liquid lipstick review
      Sephora outrageous rouge extreme liquid lipstick shade 10

      Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Review

      It is Biore after Bioderma!
      After laying my hands on the most widely used makeup removing water Bioderma Sensibio , I wanted to try some other brand and a lot of Youtubers were raving about this BIORE cleansing liquid. Removing makeup at night is one of the things I hate doing , but never miss it fearing Panda eyes ! I grabbed the Biore cleansing oil from Watsons recently and have been using it on the days I have applied heavy makeup on. 

      Let me give you the detailed review of Biore Cleansing Liquid :

      Kao Biore mild cleansing liquid
      Kao Biore mild cleansing liquid

      Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser review

      I recently attended the Kama Ayurveda's session on Detox and received a hamper from them which had the following products : Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser, Kama Ayurveda rose Water, a plant based face mask and Bringharaj hair oil. Kama Ayurveda's products are not 100 % chemical free but they restrict the chemical content to a small percentage.

      I have started using their products & I found the Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser to be really good and I have a review of it for you.

      Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser
      Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

      The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

      After trying out The Body Shop's Satsuma Body Butter and falling in love with it, I recently purchased the Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish. The body polish is a body scrub that leaves your skin soft and glowing. 

      Importance of exfoliation of the body :

      When we speak of exfoliation we usually only think of feet, but exfoliation of the body is equally important too and let me tell you why. Pollution and dust tends to settle down on our skin and when the skin naturally regenerates itself , these dead cells are pushed on to the outermost layer of our skin, making our skin appear dull. So it is important to exfoliate your skin frequently to remove these dust particles and let the new layers to appear on top, giving our skin a fresh and shiny look.A basic soap does not work in exfoliation since it only cleans the dust & dirt accumulated. We need specific products to work on our skin according to the concerns we have like dry, dull skin or sensitive skin. 

      I exfoliate my body during bath using a good scrub like a homemade coffee powder plus sugar scrub or a shop bought one. This time I have the review of The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish.

      A Tribute to Madras

      Enga ooru Madrasu
      Idhuku Naanga Dhaane Addressu...

      Goes this song from the movie Madras which means, Madras is our city and we are it's address. Those who have visited or lived in Chennai will relate to the vibes of the city. The city is however represented by a lot of cliches in movies which I am going to break in this post & bring out the colors of this city through my lens.

      First Dose of Filter Kaapi,
      While scanning the Headlines of THE HINDU
      Amma juggles between Kolams & Dosas
      While chanting the hymns of LORD MURUGA
      Auto Annas govern our commute to work
      Where your Colleague talks about the latest THALAIVAR flick..
      Summer of 365 is Chennai's Anthem
      But the Bajjis & Bondas keep the heat at fathom
      Where's the Party tonight ? 
      Marina Beach is where we head at twilight

      Those were my lines 

      Aroma Essentials Peppermint Foot Scrub Review

      How can we take care of ourselves when we head back home after a tired day ? 

      1 : A good cup of coffee or tea

      2 : A relaxing bath

      3 : A relaxing massage 

      4 : Some music

      5 : A foot soak and a mini pedicure which actually works like magic.

      Of course, our laziness is the biggest enemy when it comes to implementing all these ideas , but sometimes I do take efforts in doing these things to get rid of my tiredness.

      You all know I am currently testing some skincare products from Aroma Essentials and one among my favorites from the products that I got is the Aroma Essentials Peppermint Foot Scrub , which smells heavenly & works wonders on my feet.

      Aroma Essentials Peppermint foot scrub
      Aroma Essentials Peppermint foot scrub

      Be a Diva this Fall with MAC's DIVA

      Fashion Trends are always cyclical ! I am sure most of you would accept this fact because the trends that were active few years back are coming into picture again like Velvet blouses, crop tops and so many more.But some trends will never leave the fashion industry like the Red lipstick and the vampy fall burgundy lipstick.

      I have a few reds in my collection but always wanted a Burgundy shade and  I searched the Internet for some suggestions.Girls, but do not go by the suggestions based on Instagram as most of them would have used some filter to edit the pictures and the color would turn up totally different. So lets find out if one such Instagram based Instantaneous buy turned out Disastrous or Successful.

      So the lipstick that I bought was DIVA by MAC and I have a review of it for you:

      MAC matte finish DIVA shade
      MAC DIVA lipstick

      What MAC claims ?

      For those who prefer timeless glamour rather than all-out flash, the sophisticated allure of matte reigns supreme. Now, M∙A∙C expands its offering of this classic suede-like finish with 12 new shades of Matte and Retro Matte Lipstick. These lipsticks promise a pop of color that will linger on your lips with impressive staying power.

      Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Blue Review, EOTD

      Colored eyeliner pencils are my go to favorite. They just make your eyes pop in a jiffy. I do not use eye shadows on a daily basis but prefer to use such colored eye pencils and smudge them for a super cool look.Faces eyeliner pencils are my favorite - I just love them to the core. They have such creamy formula which does not smudge for hours and is water proof too ! What else one can expect from a decently priced, drugstore brand. I have 3 of them in my stash and I have reviewed the purple one here which is personally my favorite of all.

      Today I will be reviewing the Navy blue shade from Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil.

      Faces Long Wear eye pencil in Navy Blue
      Faces Long Wear eye pencil in Navy Blue

      Did you hear the ECHO ? DECO HOME is here !!!

      How many of us pay heed to the Aesthetics of our house as much as we pay heed to ourselves ? It does not look good if we do not give enough attention to every single detail of the house decor be it the color of the cushion cover, the bedding or even the curtains. How many of us spend time in color coordinating all this stuff so that each room looks like how it should look and gives us a good positive vibe when we get back home from a stressful day?

      Well, my latest obsession is Home Decor and I am sure you all must have watched the Video here , where I have talked about the recent Home Decor stuffs that I purchased. The list is not over yet and I have yet another post about the Home Decor items I recently bought from my trip to Bali. But why am I talking about that here ? Of course, it was for the article to get into the right mode - Yes, I have a website to be introduced here for my readers who are crazy about Home Decor just like me.

      Cushions for Sofa

      Malaysia Shopping Guide - Tips & my Haul

      Planning the budget for a trip is not an easy task especially when you have to set aside some money for shopping in the new place, be it souvenirs or cosmetics or dresses. Preparing a budget and a wishlist in advance helps you handle sudden other unexpected expenses smoothly. 

      Tips for a hassle free shopping in a new place :

      1 : Do enough research on what is good and what is bad in that place.

      2 : Do not go by what your travel agent says since he is paid to do so.

      3 : Prepare a list of what you want against what is good & cheap there.

      4 : Set a budget for shopping and remove items which go out of the budget. Yes you need some self control.

      Embracing Ethnic while living away from India

      Even though I live abroad, the Desi Girl inside me keeps coming out quite frequently and I feel more comfortable in Indian outfits. Since my travel is usually in public transport , I avoid jazzy clothing and tend to go more understated so that I do not attract unnecessary attention. Since the weather here in Singapore is quite humid, I prefer wearing airy, cotton clothes so that I do not sweat like crazy and embarrass myself.

      I was not able to carry enough ethnic clothes when I first moved here to Singapore but when I recently went to Chennai, I did manage to grab some of my cotton kurtis and also did a small haul from my favorite place Kalpadruma.

      So let me show you how one can stay stylish yet stay rooted to Indian culture , while living in abroad :

      1 : Choose mild colors and mild prints.

      2 : Wear elegant yet artistic Indian jewelry. Do not go overboard especially places like Singapore where the other communities hardly wear any jewelry.

      3 : Makeup should be mild and the Kajal is one thing we should not miss.

      How I dress up the DESI way ?

      Indian ethnic wear OOTD
      Indian ethnic wear OOTD

      My Navrathri Look in association with - Website review

      A wardrobe essential that can never go out of fashion is a Saree. Whichever way you want to wear it or style it, it just looks great on you. No occasion is complete without wearing a saree and flaunting our traditional jewelry. Finding the right type of saree for the right occasion is really important.

      I recently got a saree from and I have shared my experience about the website and the saree that I received in my Youtube channel. 

      An intro about ;

      Sareez is one of the largest and the most recognized online stores for Indian ethnic wears. Founded in 1995, Sareez, today, has emerged to be a globally loved and preferred provider of a variety of Indian ethnic attires including Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas, Sherwani, Kaftans and more. We are based out of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We at Sareez boast of our team of designers and craftsmen, who works together to make our dream of defining Indian ethnicity come alive.

      Shipping Information : provides free shipping to our customers all across India.We have partnered with reputed shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT etc. in order to maintain the safety and timely delivery of your product.

      Glimpse of their website : website review website

      A detox session with Kama Ayurveda

      Rarely do we realize how incorrect have we been eating & treating our body. One such realization happened to me when I attended the session on detox ,organized by Kama Ayurveda in their outlet in Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai. Yes, I was in Chennai for a week and luckily I happened to attend this event. 

      Being beautiful is not in our control but maintaining what we are blessed with and feeling young and beautiful does depend on how you take care of yourself and your body.

      Kama Ayurveda Chennai products
      Kama Ayurveda Chennai 

      What my husband gifted me for our third anniversary

      When your husband knows so much about you and gets you something that can make you really happy on a special day like your Wedding Anniversary, what more does a woman want? We recently celebrated our Third Wedding Anniversary and my husband gifted me beautiful jewelry from the brand called Lovisa.

      Statement jewelry is something that can make you look great even in a simple attire.My craze for jewelry will never end and I can stock up so much more.

      Lovisa is an Australian brand and they have exquisite fashion jewelry collection and lot of outlets across Singapore and Malaysia. They are quite highly priced but I feel their collection is quite unique and worth the price.The necklaces were neatly wrapped and then gift wrapped too.

      Lovisa Jewelry Australia
      Lovisa Jewelry Australia

      Aroma Essentials Face Products Review

      I have been receiving lot of compliments for my skin these days and I think I owe credits to Aroma Essentials products that I have been using for my face. I have a lot of acne scars and open pores on my face , especially on my cheek area. When Madhu from Aroma Essentials messaged me asking my skin concern, I immediately told her that I am looking for products that could help me reduce my acne scars & open pores.

      So today I am going to be talking about a set of products that has worked together to help my skin get better. 

      You can check out her facebook page here 

      Aroma Essentials Micro Derma Scrub , Aroma Essentials Orange Crush Mask and Aroma Essentials Tan Removing Scrub.

      Aroma Essentials Micro Derma Scrub :

      Ingredients : Lavendar, Calendula & Milk Extracts 

      natural handmade skincare products India
      Aroma Essentials Micro Derma Scrub

      Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes - Traveling made easy

      I hate you like I love you ,
      I hate you like I love you.

      Do you all remember this small song from the movie Delhi Belly ? I sing this every time I travel somewhere be it the train journeys in India or a flight.
      You all might be wondering why this song ? I hate traveling as much as I love it - Confused ?

      Let me tell you why - I dread public toilets , but at the same time I love exploring new places too, so not travelling is not an option. So you all know how bad public toilets are in India and there are a lot of new products in the market like PEE SAFE & other things that are being invented to help women. Instead more attention could be paid in maintaining neat toilets! But what about the after pee hygiene ? What if there is no water in the toilet or only tissue paper like abroad?

      Let me tell you one good news that could save us from the infections that we can get from non hygienic conditions and could stop you from worrying about hygiene during travel.

      Hygiene Wipes from Everteen Naturals are like Wet wipes for making our lives much simpler. 

      Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
      Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes 

      Vista Prints Website review & my Business Card

      Blogging was started as just a medium for me to help people decide which product to buy and which to skip. It slowly started taking more shape and I started getting recognized for my work.So much of effort goes for writing one post - content, pictures and editing and lastly SEO. There are 1000s of blogs out there , but how do you create visibility for your blog ?

      When our relocation to Singapore got finalised  , the fear of being lost in the new place began inside me. What would happen to my contacts I made in India ? How do I establish myself in the new place ? Indian beauty blogging is quite different from Singapore's. The way we dress up is different from how a Singaporean dresses up, our products are different from theirs. I wanted to introduce myself to co bloggers and brands here in a professional way. So I decided to get my business card printed to distribute it to the brands, PRs whenever I attend any event.

      One of my friends Sindhu from had recently ordered her business card and I felt it was really nice. On inquiring with her I came to know that she had ordered it online from a website called Since I had only a few  days before I left Chennai , I was apprehensive whether I would get my cards before leaving  , but decided to give it a try and placed my order with Vistaprints.

      Vistaprints website review
      Vistaprints website 

      OOTD for Orchard Road Outing - Oh My God . How many O's ?

      Posing for Outfit posts , hmmmm, been a long time ! It is a difficult task to get everything into working for an OOTD Post -- lighting, my makeup, my outfit and of course my husband for some clicking.
      P.S : I fail in front of the tripod & camera.

      So finally that happened after a long long time and I managed to click few pictures before I headed out to Orchard road last weekend. 

      Orchard road is such a bustling shopping district with so many malls and so many brands that I have always wanted to lay my hands on. But this time, I did not pick up anything because I just wanted to have an idea of what are the various shops. I have been to Orchard earlier as a tourist and was there for about 3 hours only. I wanted to explore more and walked the entire stretch of this happening street.

      Singapore shopping Orchard road
      Orchard Road, Gucci 

      Iraya WheatGerm Face massage cream review

      Two skincare steps that one should not miss in everyday life is : 

      1 : Applying  sunscreen before you step out in the sun however lazy or busy you may be. 

      2 : Applying a good night cream before hitting the bed however tired you might be.

      Most of the night creams that I have tried till now, tend to make my face really oily and my face looks dark and oily in the morning except for the Biotique Cream.

      Recently I discovered this great cream that is working well as a night cream for me. It is the Iraya Wheatgerm Face Massage cream which I bought from Jabong and I am loving it totally.

      Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream
      Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream

      Home Decor Ideas from Chinatown, Singapore - Video Alert

      I enjoy decorating my house with creative, beautiful decor items that do not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time look unique.
      Surprisingly when I came to Singapore, I did not go out for cosmetics shopping but went to buy some home decor items to make my house look good.

      Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. —William Morris

      I went to Chinatown during a weekend and managed to grab some interesting stuffs for the house. I plan to do a room tour video too soon. Here is the picture of what I bought from Chinatown.This video will be useful for those of you who plan to visit Singapore where in I have discussed what all one can do in Chinatown as well buy.

      cheap home decor ideas from Singapore
      Home Decor Items from Chinatown, Singapore Online Shopping Review

      You all very well know how apprehensive I was about online shopping and how my opinion totally changed after my experience with Jabong. I still don't foray into clothes since my size is a bit tricky and prefer to order items that are size independent.

      After I ordered a pair of headphones from Snapdeal for my mother in law, I was pretty satisfied with their delivery. I was looking for a good DSLR and shortlisted Nikon D3300 and looked for the best offers online. When I compared prizes online, I found that Snapdeal gave the best offer and I decided to order it on snapdeal.

      Outhouse Jewelry line launch in Chennai & What I wore

      Traditional Gold Jewelry is slowly taking a backseat and allowing contemporary jewelry to make its rounds and will make a comeback after few years. Fashion is always like that , don't you agree? When I look at the yesteryear songs , I realize that the heroines are wearing leggings, floral jewelry which has made a re - entry now.

      I attended a Jewelry Line launch in Chennai quite some time back and I must say , it was one nicely organized event. The brand that was launched in Chennai was "The Outhouse" which was started by these 2 'beauty with brains' sisters from Delhi. 

      About The Outhouse :

      Started by sisters Sasha and Kaabia Grewal, Outhouse is a fusion of contemporary style and rich craftsmanship.Their love for jewelry gave Sasha and Kaabia the adeptness to launch their very own label in October 2011.

      Today the brand is housed at multi brand boutiques in India, London & Dubai.

      They say style is a statement, and what better way to make a statement than with Outhouse jewelry? Through their edgy and eclectic style,the endeavour is to add an element of AvAnT GaRdE to your outfit.Using a myriad colours, textures and stones, each style of Outhouse is handcrafted keeping in mind the quintessential "OUTHOUSE GIRL"-who's Fun, Fearless and Audacious.

      Designer Sisters Kaabia & Sasha

      Aroma Essentials LemonGrass Face Wash Review

      I love Citrus smell in anything and everything - I feel it makes me fresh and active. I happened to try this face wash that contains lemongrass from the brand called Aroma Essentials which is 100 % natural products made by Madhurima who resides in Bangalore. She was kind enough to send a whole set of skincare products for trying them out.

      Lemongrass face wash
      Lemongrass face wash from Aroma Essentials

      Accessories from Bindurekha

      What are the Social Media Sites you guys are generally addicted to ? 
      I am an instagram crazy person and I sometimes stumble upon great profiles that I just do not realize how many hours I spend on it. Recently I discovered one such profile that I will be discussing here in this post - Bindurekha Accessories,an accessories range by Leena from Pune, India.

      A little about Leena :

      I have managed to pursue my passion of designing one of kind jewelry simultaneously with a career in the software industry. I was never a gold jewelry buff and always wanted something unique and different suiting my tastes. I did not like the mass production jewelry in the showrooms and hence started designing my own. The focus was on creating something which was one of a kind or at least not readily available in the market. As requests and orders began to pile up the need for an organized business enterprise that will provide quality products and efficient service became apparent. The venture has been named Bindurekha which means a line of dots / a verse.

      A little intro about Bindurekha :

      Bindurekha products are a polished blend of designer creativity fueled by designer findings, exotic stones and beads assuring an exclusive product that stands out unlike mass production items. We have 3 series:

      Attitude Series: Designer findings and exotic glass, wooden, ceramic and fancy beads.

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