Plum Goodness Day Cream with SPF 30 Review - Goodness to start your Day

How do you expect a Day cream to be ?

This is a very tricky question and the answer varies depending on the skin type. If someone asks me this, my answer would be that an ideal day dream should be  light weight, slightly runny, quick absorbing that provides hydration as well as UV protection in summers. While in winters, I would prefer a more thicker and a more nourishing cream which would provide the necessary moisture to my skin.

Some times I just dab on some sunscreen and use a matte powder on top of it for a quick fix, but it does not stay for long. My skin turns oily and sticky very quickly on such days which really puts me off. Though my skin is basically dry, sunscreens are not my cup of tea and I prefer a day cream that has SPF in it and keeps me fresh the whole day.

I have been trying Plum Goodness Light-stay Day cream with SPF 30 for the last one month and I have my opinion on it today for you :

Plum Goodness Day Cream with SPF 30 Review
Plum Goodness Day Cream with SPF 30

Styling a Sari - Tips and 3 Looks

Accessories can either make your outfit pop or let you down depending on how you use them wisely along with your outfit.A saree can be a tricky outfit because it really needs accessories to look complete and at the same time you cannot go overboard, due to the richness of the saree itself. So here I have compiled 3 different looks for you using the same saree , but with different set of accessories,  which can definitely make you look confident & gorgeous.

My outfit details : 

Look 1 with Saree : Tracing Traditions with Terracotta

Saree : Kora Silk Saffron Color saree from Tulsi Silks, Chennai

Terracotta Jewelry Set : Bought from a seller in Coimbatore (Read More Here )

Bracelet : ConfusionsFA (Read More Here )

Footwear : Metro

Eyemakeup Details :

Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil in Solid Black on upper lash line (Review coming soon)

Plum Goodness Khol on lower lash line (Reviewed here)

Faces Canada Glam on Mascara(Review coming soon)

Lips : Inglot Lipstick shade 103 (Reviewed here)

tips to style a saree
Tips to style a saree

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliners in Electro Shock Review, Swatches and EOTD

If I had made this purchase a few months back , I would have said aloud " Bleed Blue " for the sake of ICC Cricket World Cup.But however this shocking blue came into my stash recently when I was craving for all things Blue - after all it is summer. I have here with me Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner in Electro Shock which is a beautiful blue with a glossy finish.

maybeline hyper glossy liquid liner review
Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner in Electro Shock

What Maybelline Claims ?


Get electrifying eyes with MNY Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Eyeliners
Straight from the runways, the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics shiny liquid liner adds mesmerizing colour to your lids. Infused with the Hyper reflective polymer technology and liquid metal combination, this dazzling liquid eyeliner imparts a striking electric sheen that lasts for hours! Available in five eye-catching, trend-setting shades like Violet Volt, Lazer Green, Gold-lation, Electro-shock and Silver Trance, this shiny electric liquid liner lets you create interesting looks for your eyes everyday! Shopping Experience and How to Style Scarves in summers

My current obsession is Online Shopping and I recently got to shop with recently. I have my Shopping Experience written down in detail for you :

Some introduction about : 

We are passionate about finding things that rise above the mundane; that we think will catch your eye and arrest it. Moreover, to bring these to you wherever you are and whenever you feel you have the time to indulge a little.

So we created a company to bring you products you will fall in love with; to give you a chance to create your own space, to tap into those hidden talents and make your personal looks and collections; to help you share your creations with friends to get that second opinion, to inspire or be inspired; and to help you shop in a way that you will find mesmerizing. Website Review :

They have a very nice user interface and a great collection to choose from. Limeroad also has this interesting section called Get the Look where you can shop for an entire look and it is compiled really nicely.
They have exciting offers going on most of the times like Buy 1 get 1 Free and the 399 Store, 499 Store etc.They have huge collection in each section to choose from and good quality pictures to depict the products. Website

Featuring my new Charles & Keith Clutch

When it comes to choosing anything, my hands involuntarily picks up the one in blue shade,though I might already possess a lot in blue shades. I then have to convince people around telling it is #0000CC th blue shade and the one I already have is #0033CC and then I pick it up (Villainous Smile).

Today's post is about my new Charles & Keith Clutch that I got as a gift from a friend in Singapore. Charles & Keith is a Singapore based brand that has amazing handbags, footwear, totes, clutches and a lot more. They have their outlets even across many cities in India.

Pictures of the Charles & Keith Clutch :

charles and keith bags india
Charles and Keith Clutch 

Prevent Premature Graying of Hair with Jovees Regrowth and Revitalizing Hair Pack

Premature graying is in my genes because my mom got her first grey hair when she was 24 and dad got it when he was 25. But by God's grace, I did not inherit their genes for this and for your information, I am in my late twenties and I do not have a single grey hair(TOUCH WOOD). I apply some hair oil, be it plain coconut oil or any Ayurvedic oil at least twice a week and avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. I have not done any chemical treatments like coloring , straightening or softening till now and my hair texture is coarse and scalp is dry.

I apply home made henna paste to my hair once in a week or so and you can read about it here. 

Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack
Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack

Top 5 Websites to Order Sunglasses in India

If you want to face the sun without worrying about the UV rays , then sunglasses are the best things that you can have. Whether you want to roam freely on the open streets of your city or you are planning for a beach holiday or you just want to impress someone poolside, there’s nothing great like a pair of beautiful sunglasses covering your eyes. 

On bright sunny days it is also helpful in reducing eye strain and on rainy days, it’s the best thing to put on, if you want to enjoy the cool showers, staring towards the open sky. You can also put it while driving or mountaineering and there is nothing more comforting than it but the key factor is whether you are getting the right pair or not.

aviator type sunglasses
Me sporting aviator type sunglasses

There are several types of sunglasses and before you actually go for buying it, you need to do your homework regarding the various designs, styles and brands. There are several ways to get the desired information about the product that you want to buy, but as per me online is the best place, if you are a little bit smart to filter the required and genuine things from the intriguing, vast ocean of information that the world wide web has in its wings!

Speaking particularly in the respect of sunglasses, here are some good websites where you can get the required information about any style, design, type, make or brand of sunglasses online in India. If you want, you can also order them online from those websites, provided you are happy with the design, style and price.

Rounded square sunglasses
Me wearing a Rounded square sunglasses

1.  Lenskart

I don’t think this name needs any further introduction, as majority of us are already familiar with this name and their unmatchable splendid services. For getting sunglasses and eyeglasses online, there can’t be a better place than it. You can easily see the delivery boys, carrying huge bags of Lenskart on their bikes in every corner of India. You can judge the growing popularity of it from this fact.

2. Amazon

Amazon is also a good place to order sunglasses online in India. On Amazon, you can easily get sunglasses for anyone- men, women, boys, girls or small kids. You can decide for any shape which fascinates you and the best part is  that Amazon is offering these sunglasses at attractive prices.

3. Flipkart

Flipkart is another good place for ordering sunglasses which will definitely steal your heart, if you are intending to buy dashing and comfortable sunglasses for yourself. You will love being there and rest you can check once you visit the website.

4. Infibeam

If you want to beat the heat this summer in a most handsome way, without giving strain on your pockets, then you can check out Infibeam. The website  is offering some branded products at huge discounted rates. For more offers and discount visit

types of sunglass shapes

5. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is also an attractive place for ordering sunglasses online in India. You can order it, sitting at your home with utmost ease, comfort and convenience. You will love the  services of Snapdeal.  When it comes to the prices, then well it’s simply difficult to beat Snapdeal as it is known for offering products at rock bottom prices!  

*This is a sponsored post.

Claire's Nail Polish Collection and my NOTD

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

These are the lines from an English Song and I was just humming this when I thought of showing some of my favorite things...

When everyone is going Ga Ga over the Maybelline Go Graffiti collection, I just realized that I have a few hidden gems with me for the last one year that I have not shown to you guys !! I bought them when I went to Paris last year and got them in buy 2, get 1 free offer and they are super cute. Without much talking to do, I will show you the pictures. I have not checked whether they are available in Claire's India stores and if some of you have purchased nail colors from them do mention it in the comments. It would be useful for those who are willing to try their range of nail colors.

claire's nail polish review
Claire's nail polish 

My Shopping Journey with - Chapter no 2 - Jubilation in a Jiffy

Online shopping can be both a blessing as well as a curse depending on the site we choose to shop with. I was always apprehensive about online shopping since I prefer selecting the product by the look and feel of it and I feel elated if I have the newly purchased products in my stash immediately.
P.S : I go crazy waiting for the items to arrive.

But you all know I have slowly come out of my shell and started experimenting and you can read my first online shopping experience here.This is my second shopping experience with and I must say it was pleasant even now.My mother too likes to shop from and she purchased a handbag during a recent sale and saved INR 600. needs no introduction with their super easy to browse website, varied payment options and choice of brands.

Few Snippets from the website :

Jabong shopping website
Jabong shopping website

Looking for a perfect Date Night Lipstick to impress your sweetheart? You have Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick in 23M Sweet heart - Review, Swatches

Finding perfect lipsticks for different occasions is a big quest for every woman and hunting stall after stall in malls to look for the perfect shade becomes kind of tiring. Neutrals for work, Reds for a Date , Neon pinks for a Party and what not?

Of course, now the cliches have gone and people have started experimenting with shades. In my recent Colorbar haul, one was a work wear lipstick which has already been reviewed on the blog here, and the other one is Colorbar Matte touch Lipstick in the shade Sweetheart.

colorbar matte touch lipstick shades
Colorbar matte touch lipstick shade Sweetheart

Makeup Brushes Haul from EBay - First Impression and Pictures

Being on Social Media has helped me out a lot in terms of increasing my blog traffic as well as getting some crucial information. Everyday morning once I wake up, I go through my Facebook Wall to see for some interesting stuffs and one day I came across a post where a blogger(do not remember now) had mentioned about the Makeup brushes from Ebay and how she liked them a lot. I anyway wanted good makeup brushes for my face and checked out Ebay and ordered 10 piece Professional Kabuki Makeup Brushes from a brand called Jessup.

12 piece professional makeup brushes
10 piece professional makeup brushes

Purchasing products from Blog Sale - Tips and my first Blog Sale Purchase

Most of them in the blogging world would be knowing what a Blog Sale is.
But for my readers who do not know what it is : A Blog Sale is the sale of cosmetics by bloggers which were used by them very few times and been given out at almost 50 to 60 % off on the MRP. 

With increasing prices of cosmetics, not everybody can afford to buy high end brands and a Blog sale is a blessing in disguise for some of them. When you have something on your wishlist and your budget is the only thing that has been stopping you from buying it, then be sure to grab it during such blog sales.

I was someone who was very apprehensive about buying from Blog Sales and I have my own tips jotted down for you to choose the right products during blog Sale :

Accessorize yourself with Ayesha !! Ayesha Accessories haul and styling !

I have been a great fan of the brand Ayesha Accessories for a long time and I have some unique collection of accessories in my stash which I had earlier picked up from their store. I am so happy to be associated with Ayesha Accessories after becoming a beauty blogger and I was given a coupon to shop from them.

A little intro about Ayesha Accessories for those who do not know about them :

We are a vibrant and fast expanding brand. We pride ourselves on making the the best of global fashion available to every young woman across India.

Ayesha takes the leading edge in fashion and brings you fun and whole lot of newness every season! after all Ayesha is your one-stop-candy shop for fun fantabulous fashion essentials. 

Are you the Ayesha girl? Are you fashionable, experimental and constantly evolving? Did you say you'd prefer pink and purple today, black and white tomorrow, but definitely never what your mamma wears?! 

We move with your speed. Ayesha is about YOU: your world, your dreams and your love!

Ayesha Accessories brings you: sensational shades, brilliant bags, hip hats, jaw-dropping jewellery and other fantabulous fashion essentials!!!

You can check out more collections at their website here 
Facebook page : Here

They have stores in several cities across India. In Chennai, they have 3 stores in Forum Vijaya Mall, Phonix Market City and Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam.

Ayesha Accessories stores across India
Ayesha Accessories Store, Ispahani centre

Looking for a daily wear / office wear lipstick ? Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick in 58 Bare - Review and Swatches

Though summers are about bright colors, there are some things which can never go out of fashion - a mild daily wear lipstick shade. Since last month my posts have depicted products which cost less than INR 1000 and at the same time deliver good quality. Joining the league here is our Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade Bare. Though I personally love sporting bright shades, which I prefer for an outing, on ordinary days, I prefer the MLBB (My lips But Better ) kind of shade. 

Colorbar lipsticks were on my wishlist for quite sometime and recently I managed to grab 2 of them.

One is Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade Bare which is really affordable and is suitable for daily use.

MLBB lipstick shade for Indian skin tone
Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick in Bare

Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol Review, Swatches and FOTD

Though pencil liners finish up quite easily as against liquid liners that stay with you forever , these days I prefer to buy pencil liners because you get to experiment with different brands,  since there is a  need for buying new ones often. Moreover pencil liners have this multitasking option too - they can be used both on the lower waterline and on the eyelid too.

You all might have read lot of ravings from bloggers about the brand Plum Goodness . For those who do not know or have not heard about it - Plum Goodness was started in the year 2013 by a chemical engineer based out of Mumbai and he believes yoga is the best invention ever in India. He uses all natural products as ingredients and the products adhere to International standards.

Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol True Black review
Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol True Black 

Ethnic at its best !! - My day out to an Ethnic Location,sporting an Ethnic look

As much as I love wearing colorful tunics and western outfits, I also equally enjoy wearing a saree or any ethnic dress for that matter. My blog has featured posts with me wearing ethinic outfits ( mostly sarees ) but however I wanted to do something different this time. 

I was interested in doing a post which will not only involve everything ethnic, but also eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable fabrics. I have also taken care that the accessories that I have worn in this look and also my handbag is also eco friendly.  So when sporting such a look, should you not be in a location which again depicts the culture and heritage of India? I chose to shoot this in Dakshin Chitra which is a museum featuring the arts, crafts and traditions of different states of South India.

Lets go on to the pictures :

In Deep Thought , she stands 
Gazing into the Future

eco friendly fabric printing
Me wearing ethnic clothing from Kalpasthree

1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor & Flaunt On the Catwalk !!

Wondering why such a dramatic title? This post is about a dramatic yet dignified lipstick named On the Catwalk from the brand Essence.I was a person who was totally apprehensive about wearing bright lipsticks and used to always go for milder shades, but beauty blogging has changed me. It has made me experiment with  different shades and it has given me the confidence to flaunt bright shades of lipsticks.

I rarely do online shopping and for cosmetics it is a sure No No since I prefer seeing the colors and trying them on me personally. When I had to choose the shade for the Essence lipstick (PR sample), I looked at some pictures of lipsticks on their website & chose Essence long lasting lipstick- On the Catwalk, but however was rather apprehensive on what I would be receiving. On receiving the sample my worst fears seem confirmed , as Essence  On the Catwalk looked quite dark for me on first look. But the minute I applied it, it changed my opinion totally and now I can vouch for it and I feel it suits me very well. 

essence lipstick on the catwalk
Essence lipstick on the catwalk

There is plenty to grumble about - Health & Glow Lavender Exfoliating Scrub is one such

One recent purchase that I totally regret !! 

Health & Glow does come up with a lot of products to keep up with the skincare market but it does not often keep up with the quality. Something that I recently stumbled upon which I think is a total dud is The health & Glow Lavender Exfoliating Scrub. I was wooed away by the packaging and the word lavender since lavender has a special role in bath time routines and it can give a soothing effect.

Health & Glow Lavender Exfoliating Scrub
Health & Glow Lavender Exfoliating Scrub

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